We Need You Too

Engaging with Climate Science Strategically

We Need You Too is a climate education hub based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our mission is to increase climate change awareness within the business community in Sweden (and beyond). We deliver workshops online, in-person, and as a pop-up version in public events, conferences and summits. The workshop experience is available in Swedish, English and French.

Why are so many organisations booking the Climate Fresk workshop?

Who is holding all the cards?

Smart businesses know that climate awareness is important. Companies with better environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings had better returns in almost every month of 2020.

Integrating sustainability is good for business: not just in terms of risk management and resilience, but it can also support business growth, improve efficiency and drive profit. Understanding climate change and climate resilience is crucial to organisations in today’s world, and engaging your team in this as you uplevel your sustainability storytelling is a major asset.

Embedding environmental awareness throughout your organisation is better for staff engagement, better for your ESG, and better for the planet.

Understanding climate science is not easy, but now the Climate Fresk has gamified it. In the workshop, teams work together to build a collage centered on the cause and effect relationships in climate change. It’s a fast-paced and fun workshop and by collaborating together, individuals can test climate knowledge and assumptions in a safe environment, while also practicing communication and leadership skills.

Boka Climate Fresk i Sverige

Working in small groups, participants proceed through several rounds learning about the causes and effects of climate change and what we can do about it. It’s a highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking workshop, designed to foster collaboration and teamwork.

The Climate Fresk is innovative, engaging and accessible. This creates a basis for trust, knowledge sharing and learning. The future is in our hands, and truly understanding and engaging with that is why the game is so successful. That’s why we say that you are holding all the cards.

What is the Climate Fresk?

Climate Fresk is a card game, and the brainchild of Cédric Ringenbach. Now a worldwide organisation, the aim of Climate Fresk is to bridge a gap in making climate science more accessible to citizens around the world. The cards are based on data from the UN’s climate scientists, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s most recent Assessment Report.

Climate Fresk Sweden

What to expect

At the end of the Climate Fresk workshop, you will have:

thorough knowledge of climate science
awareness of how interconnected our actions are and what the consequences are
appreciation of the climate crisis, and how you feel about it
a pdf output of your group work and a URL packed with extra resources you can keep coming back to for reference and further learning
improved communication skills, especially around complex and emotive topics
a powerful shared experience your team can relate to

Who is the Climate Fresk for?

The Climate Fresk is designed for anyone (including children!) who wants to or needs to engage with climate change and the science behind it.  For companies seeking to engage their teams and employees, it’s an incredibly powerful workshop to bring people together to learn, test their knowledge and assumptions, and come out with new skills and a new awareness of our planet’s health.

All workshops run for a maximum of 3 hours, with up to 8 participants. They can be run online (max 6 participants/workshop) using Zoom and Mural, or in-person (max 8 participants/workshop).

Workshops include:

→ Kick-off meeting to tailor requirements

→ The Climate Fresk Card Game for up to 6/8 participants

→ Post Workshop Debriefing with all participants

→ Fully branded Climate Fresk mural for your team (online)

Want a Workshop tailored to your organisation?

Book a call with Andreia to discuss your requirements.

Get in touch

Hello, I’m Andreia Olaru, your workshop facilitator

Climate Fresk i Göteborg

For many years, I’ve been working with organisations, entrepreneurs and creatives to build businesses of their dreams. I live and breathe digital strategy, and I’ve worked with tens of business owners to clarify and refine their message to amplify their online presence.

But I don’t just swoop in, deliver a strategy and leave again.

I’m your partner. I work side by side to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals.

It’s no different with the Climate Fresk workshops. I’m not just a trainer or a workshop facilitator. I am your strategic partner in helping to get your teams and your colleagues on board with your environmental and sustainability awareness policies. I am a fully trained and experienced facilitator, and I will create a safe container for your esteemed colleagues to learn, to share, and to grow both as professionals, and as human beings.


Donation-based workshops


→ For non-profit organisations & individuals, subject to availability.

Get in touch or sign up for the monthly open workshop.

Corporate fees


→ Starting at €800/workshop (VAT may apply).

→ 10% goes to the Climate Fresk organization & 10% goes towards other climate causes.

Previous participants feedback

I loved this workshop! It was incredibly informative and engaging, and I really felt the facilitator’s energy for this subject. While it was a lot to take in, it was also enjoyable because the pace was really good – the facilitator made sure we were relaxed and didn’t get overwhelmed with the facts! I also found the last part, the wrap-up, totally uplifting.

— workshop participant, April 2021

Andreia uses very clear & powerful language to take us through complex problems. She left me feeling empowered to do more instead of feeling overwhelmed.

— workshop participant, August 2021

Both the workshop and the facilitator did a wonderful job in explaining the climate collage! It was interesting to see the interconnectivity of all the drivers, the effects, consequences, etc. Seeing the whole picture/collage was an eye-opener!

— workshop participant, April 2021

The workshop went well, it was informative and well presented. The game moderation was well done and I appreciated the interventions and explanations of Andreia.

— workshop participant, June 2021

Very well presented, and very informative. Every company should inform their employees and provide them with vital information like this.

— workshop participant, August 2021

The facilitator was really well prepared in terms of information and arguments for all the steps of the game. Also, I think the time has been well managed. I loved the emotion wheel part and debriefing/feedback at the end.

— workshop participant, February 2021

Andreia was patient in explaining to us what to do, she was knowledgeable about the information on the cards and knew how to explain that simple and clear. She made the workshop seem fun and interactive, more than even the card games provided.

— workshop participant, February 2021

I learned a lot about the knock-on effects of climate change, particularly about its effect on marine life and ecosystems.

— workshop participant, June 2021

Andreia run the climate collage workshop with a great positive attitude. The structure of the collage itself is a much-needed tool to develop awareness about the causes and effects of climate change.

— workshop participant, March 2021

The workshop was a very sensitive and supportive experience.

— workshop participant, March 2021

I enjoyed Andreia’s engaging energy and the positivity with which she delivered even such a difficult topic to digest as climate change. The workshop is informative and fun and super useful to open our mind’s eye and allow it to remain open and pensive about this topic.

— workshop participant, February 2021

The workshop was very nice. Andreia managed to successfully keep the conversation interesting, sparked our interest, and offered a lot of information on the topic.

— workshop participant, April 2021

Great time management and great energy throughout the workshop.

— workshop participant, April 2021

Good presence, good facilitation, great energy.

— workshop participant, February 2021

The facilitator was very friendly and approachable, knowledgeable, keen to make sure to end on a positive note.

— workshop participant, June 2021


rated the workshop 'very useful' *

* data collected from WNYT workshops


said they learned new things *

people around the world participated in a Climate Fresk workshop (September 2021)

Frequent questions

What if I (or my team) don’t know anything about climate change or science?

No worries! The Climate Fresk is designed for all levels (even children). No science knowledge is needed – just an open mind and a willingness to participate.

I don't have a Green Team, will this still be relevant?

Absolutely! This workshop is designed for anyone to participate in: individuals, strangers, and teams that might not know each other. We can discuss beforehand how to get the most out of the Climate Fresk workshop and how you might implement the outcomes.

Can I tailor the workshops?

There are parts of the workshop which are protected by copyright and cannot be changed. Other sections can be tailored to your needs. We can discuss this prior to the workshop being delivered.

What is the Climate Fresk?

The author of the game is Cedric Ringenbach. All the data used in the workshop can be found in the IPCC reports, which are approved by 97% of climate scientists world-wide.

In order to protect the idea and content behind the Climate Fresk, the workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use.

For commercial use, royalty fees are 10% of the amount paid for the workshop. This royalty fee is collected by the Climate Fresk organization and funds the non-commercial use. The content of the cards is protected by copyright.

Can I record the workshops?

This is something we can discuss before you book in a workshop with us.

What is the workshop fee?

For companies, startups, corporations, government institutions the starting fee is €800 (VAT may apply) per workshop, up to 6 participants. (up to 8 participants if the workshop is in-person)

  • 10% of the fee is going to Climate Fresk organization and
  • 10% of the fee is donated by We Need You Too towards other causes with climate action in focus

If you wish to book more than one workshop for your company, we can discuss a discounted price.

All workshops run for a maximum of 3 hours. They can be run online, using Zoom and Mural, or in person.

Workshops include:

  • Kick-off meeting to tailor requirements
  • The Climate Fresk Card Game for up to 6 participants (or up to 8 participants if we deliver in-person)
  • Post Workshop Debriefing with all participants
  • Fully branded Climate Fresk mural for your team

For non-profit organizations we deliver the workshops for free, subject to our availability.

We organize an open & donation-based workshop every month for individuals (unemployed, students, etc).

What payment options do you provide?

Your company will receive an invoice from us, but we can provide other payment methods like Stripe or PayPal. We cover the payment options when we go through the logistical details prior to the workshop(s).

What happens after the workshop?

We work with collaborators so we can provide a continuation of the workshop if you wish to explore more and customize the potential actions based on your company’s industry.

Get in Touch

Reach out with any further questions or to make workshop or collaboration enquiries:

Email Us: hello @ weneedyoutoo.com

Next open workshop: email us for info.